persian keyboard keyboard virtual , typing in farsi and search google in farsi


persian keyboard Virtual keyboard farsi layout free to write a persian letters online type online in farsi with google translate farsi that you can translate any words with this keybord persian from farsi to english or french or arabic or turkish or spanish or any language ..and if you want search google in farsi you can type your text in farsi and click at icon of search google and if you want search at youtube in farsi you can type your letters persian and you click at icon of youtube search .and if you want search in facebook farsi  it’s same step to search google and youtbe just you click at facebook search icon .

farsi keyboard

صفحه کلید مجازی فارسی طرح برای نوشتن حروف فارسی آنلاین با گوگل ترجمه فارسی و جستجوی گوگل به زبان فارسی

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